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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

by Blog_Admin
7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

A global or domestic brand’s success depends upon many factors. Many techniques and mediums are therefore used by companies to popularize their products and services. One of these mediums adopted by most organizations in modern times is Social Media Marketing. It plays a very crucial role in making the customers get familiar to the organization’s services. But here it is quite common for organizations to make certain social media marketing mistakes. To avoid these mistakes there is a certain set of rules companies need to follow in their social media marketing strategy, and only then they would be able to establish an effective social media presence. Some very common social media marketing mistakes have been discussed below which your business must avoid in its marketing plan because it is very important to make sure you know how to market on social media before you do so.

7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Hence following are 7 such social media marketing mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Paying Somebody With Meaningful Input

Meaning paying somebody to “update” your Facebook Page without a clear goal is no good unless you have a specific plan to make your updates “provoke a reaction” from readers, a plan that is connected to a process orchestrated to capture sales leads and bring them toward a transaction in your company. Otherwise the post would inadvertently fall into the category of bad social media posts.

2. Blogging To Tell Stories

Posting engaging stories about your business culture, its development and origins etc., is not always bad as it can affect your “brand perception”, meaning it would help customers to get a better idea of what your business represents and what’s its motto, this in turn would lead many of the customers to feel more personally connected with your company. The catch is you want your blog posts, your Facebook interactions, to actually sell something, that is after all the prime motive, so these stories need to generate a high level of confidence among your potential customers about your company. Here is how to make that evaluation effectively – ensure that your stories are giving the blog readers these 2 things:

i) A way to fulfill their specific need or desire.
ii) Something to actually act on. If they aren’t reacting to your stories, then there’s something wrong because ultimately you want to be able to connect your product or service to the story in a way that earns a sale. Your story won’t be a discussion then it will be a monologue. And THAT would clearcut be one of the social media marketing mistakes.

3. Advertising Vlogs and Blogs That likewise do not tell a Story which includes that crucial “Call To Action”

Here’s the thing- your customers probably do not want or in fact need to know how your product or service actually works or looks behind the scenes in a post they’re reading in a blog or watching as a YouTube video/ vlog, as much as they need their problem solved or a way to understand the best fit for their needs so pull the plug on Facebook, blogs or videos that don’t give customers the answers to their burning questions or a sample of the experience they are craving in a way to ACT ON that creates a lead for you. Now if you do you’ll be one step closer to making social media “sell” for you.

4. Don’t Act Like a Robot

On social media, people want to feel they are reading and interacting with a human and not some mundane machine bot telling them “specifications” about a service or product they must want to avail so make sure to give the blog an interactive touch, it shouldn’t be JUST informative. Creativity and forming a connection are valued too hence avoid social media marketing only to “inform” but rather to “interact” with your customers.

5. Being Over-Promotional

Quite often it is common for companies to go a bit over the top enthusiastic with advertising their products and services leading the customers to perceive that the company is “trying too hard”. It is best to mention your plus points without going overboard and repetitive which might reek of self-praise. Avoid it and focus on building a brand that gives trustful vibes rather than desperation. As Tom Fishburne once said – “The best marketing does not feel like marketing”.

6. Aimless Posts

Now this may sound odd but it is a fact that a lot of times the posts made are not orchestrated with a proper strategy in place directed for a clear aim or purpose. It happens a lot in marketing. So before posting, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

i) In what way would this post interest our targeted customers?
ii) What is the value or importance of this post?
iii) Is it useful enough for the targeted audience to care?

7. To Recognize That All Social Media Platforms Do Not Hold The Same Importance

Every social media platform, quite naturally, has its own audience and it also depends on what type of content suits the platform. It is also a fact that certain platforms are more popular than others and attract more audience. The Organizations’ think tanks have got to keep this in mind AND at the same time, they need to realize that no matter how popular a certain social media platform is, it is equally, or even more important, that it must consider if the targeted audience can be found more on the popular website or a platform which may not be popular with the majority of the section of social media users but best used by people looking for IT Services the company is offering so here the business has to be very careful about making the choices about where to post a majority of its content that would generate more leads – quality, useful leads. Learning or deveobserving how people communicate on all of the social media networks you post on, is very vital as you can frame your content accordingly.

Closing Thoughts

The competition among business firms is super tough in social media marketing 2022 especially. In all departments – service providing, sales, marketing, product quality, and reputation. Here we have discussed the marketing part of it and how keeping the above simple but very crucial factors into consideration can help the marketing plan of a company a great deal. It is important not only because this way the relevance of the posts can be preserved but to also ensure that the content posted doesn’t go wasted. Hence it is a smart move if the organizations’ marketing team pays attention to the details like above and makes the necessary amends in order to be effective and efficient in their marketing strategy.