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Frequent IT Q&A

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Why do Western Digital Hard Drives have different colours and what does that mean?
Western digital is a popular name in the Storage industry and their internal hard Drives come in different colors. Black color drives are performance packed drives and most expensive. They are fast and stable. Blue is mainstream and is typically used for Storage and inexpensive as compared to the Black drives. Purple colour drives are for CCTV or surveillance and are used to store surveillance data. Red color drives, on the other hand are suitable for optimized for NAS system storage. the Red drives are equipped with NASware 3.0, which allows support for NAS systems of up to 8 bays, as well as 3D Active Balance Plus, which basically syncs the drives in the same system together to reduces overall vibrations and heat.
What should I choose; a Hard Drive or an SSD?
SSD are fast becoming popular and would outsell Hard drives in next year. Although both are storage devices, SSD is definitely recommended if you are buying a new PC or Laptop or even upgrading your PC. SSD’s are much faster than Hard drives, optimize your PC boot time and have a long life. SSD consumes less power, reduce boot time or produce low heat as compared to HDD. HDD are still cheaper to buy as compared to SSD and can be used a secondary source of data storage. Check out Why SSD is better than HDD or Upgrade from HDD to SSD.
Should you go with office 365 or Office 2016?
Office 365 is a fully optimized hosted solution while Office 2016 is a stand alone software. If you purchase Office 365 Business plan, you get full suite of Office 2016 plus tons of other features such 1 TB online file storage, Full desktop version of Office Suite, Outlook with 50 GB of inbox space per user, Skype for Business instant messenger, Access to the latest software all times, Access to Office on multiple devices and much more. So it definitely makes sense to switch to Office 365 and be up to date. 
How do I get rid of Spam emails?
Spam emails are a big nuisance and can quickly fill up your inbox if not properly taken care of.  Make sure your email is not public, means it’s not posted on your website or any other forum. Spam bots love these emails and can easily catch it. If you need to add the email, put an image instead. Don’t subscribe to too many emails, many companies see their newsletter data to third party, so avoid as much as you can. Use good spam filters that can catch the spam emails. Make sure you have a good anti-malware or anti-virus to protect your PC. Do not click on links sent from unknown resources.
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