Windows Server 2012 R2 – What’s new in Storage Server 2012 R2

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Windows Server 2012 R2 is at the heart of the Microsoft Cloud OS and provides a unique server and
datacenter platform that allows you to easily and cost-effectively cloud optimize your business. This articles will provide an overview of what’s new Windows Storage Server 2012  R2 including it’s features, File server features and other Enhancements:

Windows Server 2012  &  Windows Storage Server 2012:

Great Storage Improvements with 2012!

  • Storage Spaces
  • 64-node clusters
  • SMB3
  • Scale-Out File Server
  • 8,000 VMs per Cluster
  • Offload Data Transfer
  • Dedup
  • Hyper-V Replica
  • Virtual Fibre Channel
  • VM Prioritization
  • ReFS
  • Cluster-Aware Updating
  • iSCSI Target Server
  • VM Storage Migration
  • VHDX

 New Approach to Storage:

Strategic shifts to reducing storage costs with Windows Server 2012 Software-Defined Storage
[text_block icon=’Icomoon/icomoon-file-zip||size:38px’| |color:ffffff||background:1a7dd4′ lightbox=’0′ title=’File Based Storage’ link_icon=’0′ format=’1′]High Performance SMB Protocol for SQL Server and Hyper-V Storage over Ethernet networks[/text_block]
[text_block icon=’Icomoon/icomoon-file-zip||size:38px||color:ffffff||background:1a7dd4′ lightbox=’0′ title=’Storage Spaces’ link_icon=’0′ format=’1′]High Performance SMB Protocol for SQL Server and Hyper-V Storage over Ethernet networks[/text_block]
[text_block icon=’Icomoon/icomoon-storage-2||size:38px||color:ffffff||background:1a7dd4′ lightbox=’0′ title=’Storage Spaces’ link_icon=’0′ format=’1′]Cost-Effective Business Critical Storage[/text_block]

New Storage Features in 2012 R2:

Software-Defined Storage Appliances
[text_block icon=’Icomoon/icomoon-file-upload||size:38px||color:d9560f’ lightbox=’0′ title=’Continuously Available – File and Block Storage’ title_color=’f0701a’ link_icon=’0′ format=’1′]

  • Synchronization: Work Folders and DFS-R
  • Failover Clustering with Hyper-V
  • Storage Spaces with SSD tiering and caching
  • New Storage Management APIs
  • End to end storage management with SCVMM
  • Simple Setup and Configuration (OOBE)
  • Protocol Improvements: SMB 3.0 and iSCSI Target


Introducing Work Folders

Allow information workers to access their individual data
… that is centrally located on a traditional file server
… from all of their devices
… from wherever they are
… while remaining in compliance with policies

 SMB3 – File Server Features

  • SMB Transparent Failover – Continuous availability
  • SMB Scale-Out – Active/active clusters with auto-rebalancing
  • SMB Multichannel – Network fault tolerance and throughput
  • SMB Direct (SMB over RDMA) – Low latency, low CPU utilization
  • SMB Encryption – Security in flight, without IPSec or PKI
  • Directory Leasing – Coherent caching of file and folder metadata
  • VSS for SMB File Shares – Application-consistent backup/restore
  • SMB PowerShell and VMM Support – Manage and automate

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