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7 Reasons Why Managed Microsoft Cloud Solution is Good for your Business

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Managed Microsoft Cloud

Moving to the cloud already? Trust us, it is worth it. Microsoft is going to launch a new corporate concept for businesses and enterprises with managed Microsoft cloud technology; surely, this will make your organization fly sky-high. Many of the companies both small-time and mid-scale organizations have already opted for secure cloud storage and maintenance of crucial data without the need of paying for on-premises data centers. This technology is curated for small-scale business types where world-class cloud computing services are offered at a pocket-friendly price.

A Small Detour

Why Microsoft Cloud Management Solutions are great for your Business?

Before we get straight to the point, we want to tell you that incorporating managed Microsoft cloud service comes with a ton of complexity. So, to simplify things, there are providers like Synergy IT who can easily support you before, during, and after the installation of Microsoft cloud solutions. If you are planning on migrating from your existing cloud service to a Microsoft cloud server, this is the best time to do it, as management of your complex procedures, storing of crucial data, info, documents will look like a simple cakewalk.

Meet the Never-Before Experience with Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure & Operations

Microsoft Azure is the public cloud service platform from Microsoft, offering a range of cloud services, computing as well as extensive storage capacity. But what’s so new about it? Isn’t it just a simple managed cloud services like many others? Why is there so much hype all around because of this service? Let’s dig in deeper to find out:

  • Infrastructure: An organization does not need additional hardware, configuration, or purchasing complex plans. Managed Microsoft cloud offers special pricing and offers exclusive tools that come with a simple monthly Azure subscription plan so that you could easily retrieve the maximum value from the cloud and steadily implement financial governance across your organization’s cloud portfolio with ease.
  • Operations: Microsoft Azure is so designed that it offers a never-before storage experience, that too on-premises solutions without bearing the cost of on-premises data centers. Moreover, you can easily augment your storage capacity depending upon your demand. However, to instigate a power-packed roadmap for your bright IT future, your organization must be fed by robust cloud-based solutions to power applications and store huge data on the move.
  • Move on the Go: It does not ask you to get rid of your old tools, servers, or OS. Microsoft cloud management works on your existing tools like Windows Servers, Windows 10 Operating Systems, Windows 365, and many more which are an integral part of your business to power many other aspects of your business. Organizations both small-scale and mid-sized can easily keep the knowledge and info about tools under wraps and sometimes access extended capabilities for an all-around consistent behavior.
  • Curate Cloud Migration: A good managed Microsoft cloud expert will guide you through various stages and installation processes before instilling the concept of curetting the cloud migration service according to your organization’s demand and needs. If in the future you want to deploy apps or DevOps tools or data services, it gives you all under cloud service. This technology comes with a ton of horsepower, but before it drives you insane with complex installation procedures, a good provider like Synergy IT is there to help. This technology is going to stay awhile before the new tech sweeps in, as it gives plenty of opportunities for a small-time organization to streamline IT operations and future-proofing their business by tapping on innovative new business solutions taking the customer experience and employee growth a notch higher.
  • Resilient Future: Now, as you know that an organization needs to put all forms of data, info, crucial documents, data back up, it gives you an opportunity for a smart world for data backup and faster data recovery plans. This is an ideal technology for organizations look for mitigating downtime, amp up the IT stability, and access remote work cultures of using windows virtual desktop. With inquisitive globalization at hand, it is not easy to predict when our world will be struck with another disaster, to cope up with all kinds of situations Microsoft has come up with this managed Microsoft cloud that can give access to you important apps even during the pandemic, or any disaster outbreak.
  • Security & Compliance: Microsoft has made sure to offer top-notch security, a proactive approach to compliance, and distinctive privacy solutions. Adopting the new Azure will lead you in developing gates to great business opportunities but not to great security issues. Microsoft is an established name in the world of technology that allows businesses across the world to tap into their finest security systems. The Azure security system provides top-notch security services that include identity validation, network security, data security, security management, and even central visibility and automation.

Now, we all know that Microsoft Azure is a great way to transform your small-scale business into a large-scale business in no time. But the million-dollar question, will you be able to scale this powerhouse all alone? With Azure, you do not have to do it all alone. That’s where a cloud service provider will help you with.

Use of Managed Microsoft Cloud Service Provider:

  1. Connect with our professionals to have a better understanding of your needs.
  2. Understand your current scenario.
  3. Create a critical migration roadmap to assist you in prioritizing your most successful aspects.
  4. Easily install apps and provide tailored solutions based on your requirements.

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