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An Ideal Online Backup Solution

by Blog_Admin

With the advent of broadband and blazing fast internet speeds, the trends of cloud or online backup has ever increased. Attributes such Inexpensive Online Backup, aggressive  market competition has made the online backup ever popular among small and large business groups. With so many companies offering secure online cloud backup, what should you look for when go shopping. here are some of the important features you can consider while going for smart backup solutions. [facebooksimplelike]
1. The storage should be encrypted using industry’s strongest encryption algorithms. The data should use 256 bit SSL connections and stored in encrypted form. Secure login and password protection ensures your data remains private at all times.
2. Automatic Backups: Try to make sure the service provider do offer automatic backups. The service should automatically detect new versions of your files and backup only those. There are many online data backup services that offer limited number or or even unlimited versions of your data.
3. Support Net drive: a network drive acts as a regular computer drive, but is hosted remotely on a file server.
4. File Synchronization: The online back up give you option of Syn the local data with remote data. This will save from the pain of updating your data on daily basis.
5. Personal encryption: The service should offer Personal Encryption wherein  the user should access or manage their own encryption key or password.
6. Capable of backing up large files: ideally there should be no limit to the file size being back up.  Most companies offer unlimited data size transfer.
7. Data recovery: Make sure the system allows unlimited version history of all user files, allowing you to roll back to any version of any of your files.
Any data is an important data which should be secure and easily accessible when required. If you don’t have a proper backup plan, things can go worse. Any crash of your physical device can land you in trouble. Contact us if you are looking to have a secure online data back up. We offer an array of Cloud data backup solutions custom built to your needs. [facebooksimplelike]

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