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Are you still thinking to migrate to MS Office 365? Here’s why you should act on it NOW!

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MS Office 365 Migration

Data is the core corporate asset that determines the success of the business. Successful digital transformation is possible if the organization can exploit and govern its data assets. This implies that employing a data governance framework is essential for future business objectives and models. Therefore, all organizations need to handle data consistently to support business outcomes.

Today, many organizations are rapidly migrating to Microsoft Office 365. This trend to migrate forms a part of their digital transformation strategy. While they offer transformative benefits for the user and the business, one needs to realize its full potential.

Office 365 migration tools help adapt to new requirements for management and security. These migration steps can simplify migration and management while improving security and productivity.

Office 365 plays a significant role in data governance. It helps to keep your data around when you need it. Office 365 helps to manage the full content lifecycle with data governance.

We are no longer bound to traditional aspects of time and space. The concept of how, when, and where we work holds no much significance. It’s a big shift. Now organizations will be required to fundamentally re-examine their operating models.

Microsoft Office 365

The world is now rapidly moving towards software as a service (saas) solution. Commerce is moving from reality to the cloud. Office 365 is a subscription-based cloud service. Microsoft is updated regularly so the users always have access to the latest version.

Office 365 in Business

Data security is vital for organizations across all industries. Many companies use Office 365 due to its layered security measures. It ensures proactive data monitoring and privacy protection.

Office 365 helps in connecting all apps to each other and to the wider web. It facilitates teamwork saving employees’ time. Microsoft 365 empowers businesses to collaborate in a secure way.

Office has useful tools such as team chat, online meetings, sharing files, and group emails. Office 365 enables teams to work better together through these tools.

Businesses can use Office 365 business for running cloud-based business systems. It gives access to the data management app office online.

MS Office 365 Migration

Efficiency is the key for a business to grow. The ability to seamlessly create, collaborate, and communicate makes any organization more effective. Easy access to productivity tools is important for people to do their jobs more easily. Availability of these tools at any time and from anywhere makes organizations agile and competitive.

Modern businesses depend on the suite’s tools to communicate, create documents, and balance their books. Earlier people would access programs through physical servers. But Microsoft Office 365 now helps in accessing all types of programs from anywhere and at any time. All the data can be saved on the cloud server. It requires only the internet to access and use all the data. Businesses can migrate email to Office 365 with no downtime or data loss using Office 365 migration 365 tools. In exchange migration, email mailboxes are moved from one exchange server to another or cloud-based email service.

The tools in Office 365 complement each other. Microsoft Office 365 is a must-have to any organization as all the tools work together seamlessly.

Benefits of MS Office 365 Migration

The trend of migration to Office 365 is growing. Organizations are moving away from traditional legacy email environments to Office 365. MS Office 365 migration helps businesses to be always aware of where their data is and who has access to it. This is changing the way businesses work. The key benefits of MS Office 365 migration are enumerated hereunder:

1. Cost Controls and Financial Flexibility

MS Office 365 migration offers great price flexibility with its services. It offers a monthly pricing structure. There are multiple subscription plans in the Office 365 suite. Enterprises can buy only those solutions which they need. Office 365 support much scalability. Businesses that are prone to frequent changes in their organizational sizes can benefit from Office 365.

2. Work From Anywhere and At Any Time

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution. It allows web-enabled access to data anytime and from anywhere. The office is compatible with all the devices. It is perfect for modern work environments. Office 365 is ideal for home, part-time and full-time workers. Two-factor authentications make it extra secure.

3. Cost-Effective IT Support and Maintenance

Deployments of all of the installation, support, repair and upgrade involve huge costs. This infrastructural cost is reduced significantly with Office 365. Servers going down or upgradation requirements are not needed anymore.

With Office 365 all upgrades of hardware and software are completed by Office 365. Moreover, Office 365 regularly works on new functionality. This functionality is provided from the cloud without any local implementation cost.

4. Excellent Communication and Collaboration Tools

Smooth communication is a necessity. Enterprises require the best collaboration tools. Office 365 applications help users to work in real-time. Multiple users can work from different locations on the same document at the same time. This helps in enhancing the overall productivity. Office 365 allows users to communicate with team members and third parties.

Office 365 Teams is a chat-based collaboration platform. It unifies chat, voice, video and file sharing. This platform is designed to be used by remote distributed workgroups as well as local teams.

SharePoint helps to find information quickly and allows collaboration.

5. Security and Compliance

Office 365 is recognized for the best security measures to protect the data. It has built-in security and continuous compliance. The user is always aware of where his data is and has access to it. In case of loss of the device, the data can be remotely wiped out. Moreover, Data Loss Prevention Policy manages the deleted data. The latest technology safeguards the data over the cloud.

6. Easy Scalability

Office 365 is a highly scalable solution. Adding storage or solutions is simple and easy. It gives flexibility to scale business quickly.

7. Anti-Spam and Malware Protection Built-In

With Office 365 emails are automatically protected by its anti-spam and malware solution. All incoming and outgoing messages are protected from malicious software. It thus helps protect the network from spam transferred through email. Maintenance of the filtering technologies is enabled by default.

8. One Drive for Business

Microsoft cloud service connects the user to all the files. It allows users to store and protect files, and share them with others. Users can get the data from anywhere on all their devices.

Office 365 is more than a productivity suite. Migrating to Office 365 provides a productivity boost. It allows seamless information exchange and faster turnaround time. Microsoft Office 365 provides a comprehensive collaboration and communication tool. Thus, the users can do their work, anywhere, and at any time. Office 365 empowers enterprises to work smarter. It helps employees and organizations to improve business performance and outcomes across the board.

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