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Choosing the Right Cabling Infrastructure for Your Company

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Right Cabling Infrastructure

Technology continues to evolve super fast in the 21st century and business enterprises need to match its pace to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends as well as to get the upper hand on their competition. Among all the modern IT needs of a company the data network cabling infrastructure holds great significance. Choosing the right cabling infrastructure in this age of digital revolution is greatly necessary for your enterprise to have a speedy network connection, which can lead you to have smooth and improved data communications and would pave the way for your business to be more productive and fruitful. But determining how you would get a perfect cabling infrastructure can take some time to ponder before you make this all-important decision because every business’s needs are unique. There are quite a few data cabling alternatives available such as Cat 5, Cat 5e, Ca6, etc. You must take several factors into consideration to decide on the right network cabling that would meet your requirements. We will discuss these and other various aspects related to the cabling infrastructure, further in this article.

Choosing the Best Cable Type for Your Company

Cables have a crucial role in determining how smoothly your data transmissions take place. Let us touch on a few important tips to consider the most suitable cable type for your business by overviewing each of the most popularly used types of cables at present. Some of these are:

UTP/ Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables – These are divided into several categories:

  • Category 5 or Cat 5 cable was the standard bearer until the mid-90s for fulfilling a company’s IT needs. But as the times changed, new better alternatives became available in the market and its usage became very remote.
  • Category 5e or Cat 5e network cables are still around though Cat6 has become more popular. Cat 5e cable can provide your IT equipment with a good level of performance and support. It minimizes signal interference and also noise, and for these reasons and the pricing, Cat 5e is still in use though not as common as it was a few years earlier. If you have a temporary office setup, that is if you have leased a building for your office work then you can go for Category 5/ 5e cable type, as it would be good enough to carry you through this ‘make-do’ arrangement and save your expenses.
  • Category 6 or Cat 6 cable is the most preferred version in the market currently and is used for setups with PoE for wifi, remote cameras, telephone, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems and more. It has been in frequent use since the early 2000s. If you own the building you work at and aim to expand your business to a broader scale then you must opt for Cat Type 6 as you would not be needing to replace the cable in foreseeable future.

Then there are the Fiber Optic cables besides the coax UTP, which are also very prevalent. Fiber optic is divided into 2 common types namely the single mode and multi-mode cable.

  • The Single-Mode Fiber Optic – It can give a 10 gigabit per second network signal for several thousand meters but has some shortcomings such as its narrow signal path.
  • Multimode Fiber Optic – It can ensure a fast signal that travels in multiple paths. It is but for a shorter distance since the signal can be distorted when received.

Few very valuable advantages that Fiber Optic Cable can offer you are – better transmission speed and bandwidth, no electrical interferences, and is suitable for long distances.

Your Budget and Expenditure Should be Based on Your Requirement

Deciding the right budget for your cabling infrastructure is vital. You need to prioritize what budget you want to allocate to the cabling solutions when choosing the cable, depending on the scale and scope of your business, and also the industry/ sector that you operate in.

Practice Caution in Selecting the Right Vendor

A good vendor can assess and identify your needs correctly and he would know the right type of cable equipment that would be fitting for your business requirements so it is very essential that you search all the vendors available near you and pick the right one for your network cabling solutions. Your vendor should be someone you can trust for your cabling solutions.

Right Installation

After you have gathered the right equipment it is equally important that you ensure it is installed correctly and for this, you would have to hire a team of professional experts who would be able to correctly install and configure your ethernet cabling solutions. This will make sure that your network gives you the optimum quality or level of performance that you expect to experience.

Closing Remarks

Your company’s needs must be kept in focus while choosing your ideal Cabling infrastructure. It will save you a lot of precious time and expenses. If your Infrastructure supports your requirements and is installed properly it will increase your business productivity and profits many folds so it is wise to apply all the above suggestions in the evaluation and installation processes of your IT cabling infrastructure.

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