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Common Network Security Threats

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Due to the use of multiple computing environment having and multiple connections, network security is paramount for organization. Lately Network Security has become more common more than ever before as ‘hackers’ have began to target not only large organizations around the world, but government offices as well. No wonder why businesses today are concerned about their networks, as they want to make sure their assets are safe. For some business this is more important than others as they depend on information that is housed on their servers as their business models ( e.g software companies) .
The most common threats to a network have less to do with outside influences, but more to do with a companies employees and human error. Humans make mistakes, even the most experienced employee will make a mistake and can potentially open your network to attack. It is very uncommon for employees to harm a network with malicious intent, but it is very easy to forget to restart a firewall during troubleshooting, or leave a password out in the open.
Companies have to protect their assets, especially if their revenue solely depends on them. Piracy is the next big security problem, and is defined as the compromise of intellectual property due to copyright infringement. Piracy can devastate businesses, especially if they didn’t take the right steps in protecting themselves. Generally speaking, watermarks embedded into certain files, and copyright codes can help in aiding copyright enforcement laws but can only go so far. This makes deliberate acts of entering a companies network system a concern for many as it is a form of corporate espionage. We have already seen very large companies go at it in legal trials over patent laws such as Apple vs. Samsung.
The next big threat is probably the most most successful means of attack on any system, software attacks. These attacks effect hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, but are mainly targeted at household users and smaller organizations that aren’t as well protected. These attacks are also the most malicious as they are intended to damage and destroy file systems denying a computers users service. On the bright side these attacks rarely ever get into corporations that take the right measures in protecting their networks and control employee user rights.
Finally the next big problem for any organization is nature itself. This is perhaps the most unpredictable threat a network can experience, but can be the most dangerous. Data can always be recovered, as long as their is no physical damage to the hardware that houses it, Nature can use physical force to do this damage. From floods, to fires and earthquakes companies should always have backups of vital data that isn’t stored in house; Cloud back-up solutions are great for small businesses but can get costly.
Other than the threats listed above, there aren’t any other major threats to an organizations network, aside from aging hardware. Companies should always try and keep up with the latest technologies and should constantly try and improve their networks. Aging hardware could become faulty with time, and may not protect networks form the latest security threats. Compatibility is also a major issue as newer technologies may not work with old hardware.
When deciding on how to best protect a network leave no threat unattended. Consider all of the possibilities manage the cost effectively as it will pay off when a disaster hits.

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