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Hacking Becoming More Sophisticated

by Blog_Admin

Hacking is becoming more and more sophisticated with criminal hackers not looking for your personal email accounts but going far beyond trying to crack online banking and government departments secrets. As per the latest news from the BBC, Criminal hackers have found a way round the latest generation of online banking security devices given out by banks. The highly notorious hackers have developed exceptionally sophisticated Financial Malware that is designed to avoid detection by your security software. After logging in to the bank’s real site, account holders are being tricked by the offer of training in a new “upgraded security system”. Money is then moved out of the account but this is hidden from the user. These Malware are not common and cannot be easily identified by their security software. The worst part is these software have no trace as they use third party to carry out theft for e.g your browser. Called a Man in the Browser (MitB) attack, the malware lives in the web browser and can get between the user and the website, altering what is seen and changing details of what is being entered. So it is attacking your browser and altering what you see and changing the details of what you enter.
As an IT Network Support company, we would always recommend you to be extra vigilant when operating your sensitive information. Always follow your bank’s official banks’ official advice, use some good and latest anti-virus software. Don’t ever give credit card or bank information to anyone on email or any third party. Secure your network and always take regular back ups. Go for Managed IT Services, if IT is not your core business or you don’t have a dedicated IT support. or simply contact us for a complete proposal on how to secure your network and managed your IT services.

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