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HP new Server Firmware Policy

by Blog_Admin

HP has introduced a new policy on support and firmware update for it’s server customers. As per the latest update by  Mary McCoy, VP of servers and support for HP and we quote
Effective February 19, 2014, we will provide firmware updates through the HP Support Center only to customers with a valid warranty, Care Pack Service or support agreement.
That means customers who do not come under support contract or covered under warranty will have to pay for firmware updates later this month. HP is restricting access to firmware updates and service packs for its entire ProLiant server range including low cost small business servers to high end enterprise level servers. The VP of HP further clarified that Security patches will remain free, as will upgrades to HP’s iLO server management, I/O and controller firmware. Other major players such as Dell or IBM haven’t reacted on the latest decision by HP.
For more details on your current warranties, please contact our sales team.

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