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Internet Explorer Supports ends on Jan12

by Blog_Admin

Bad new or shall we say good news! Microsoft is finally pulling the plug on support for it’s default popular browser Internet Explorer. Starting Jan. 12, the support for Internet Explorer 8,9, and 10 would no longer be available which means if you do not upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, you may be prone to hack or malware attacks. No technical support or security updates would be available after January 12. Microsoft says. If you don’t upgrade, your computer will become more vulnerable to malware. Good new for the programmers who would not now need to make their applications compatible for old IE Browsers.
What to do?
If you are using Windows 7, please download and install Internet Explorer 11 at the earliest. Here is how to upgrade to Internet Explorer.
If you are using Windows 8.1, IE 11 comes pre-installed and therefore no need to upgrade
For Windows XP and Vista users, it is also recommended to upgrade to the latest version at the earliest.
All users will alternately be encouraged to switch to Microsoft Edge – the company’s new browser, designed to be more suited to the features of the modern web. Edge comes installed with Windows 10.
Internet Explorer has been a consistent target of hackers and bots because of security loopholes. This has lead to Google launching it’s Chrome browser which did exceptionally well and rose to the top slot followed by Firefox Mozilla browser, another popular open source browser. Considering the fact that there are still millions of users of IE, it can prove a disaster, if it is not patched or upgraded. Normal home users would be most affected by this change.

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