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Know Why Managed Cyber Security is Important

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Managed Cyber Security

There can not be fully satisfying security solutions for a company with an internal or in-house team so it is important that it hires specialized Managed Security services that are dedicated to keeping your network secure from all kinds of threats. There are several benefits that a Managed Cyber Security Service brings to a business enterprise. Foremostly, the security solutions are professional and foolproof with maximum protection against cyber risks when you have IT cyber security solutions in place for the same as they have the required expertise to deal with various kinds of complex cyber threats that an in-house may find hard to tackle. Managed Security Services are also well-versed with the latest techniques and trends in cybersecurity. It is therefore no surprise that more and more companies are hiring Cybersecurity Consulting services for the security of their business. Here we will discuss what exactly an MSSP is and the need or importance of a Managed Security Service Provider for your organization.

What Are Managed Cyber Security Services –

Basically what you’re doing when availing of the services of an MSSP is that you are outsourcing your organization’s overall cybersecurity requirements to be looked after by a specialized third-party IT security vendor that will monitor your network infrastructure constantly to keep your business fully secure and safe from all kinds of outside threats. The cyber security professionals of the MSSP will perform a thorough cyber security assessment and identify your security needs and implement the best possible solutions to cover those needs.

Why is Cyber Security So Important –

With numerous different kinds of threats that exist in the modern cyber world, it is very possible that an organization can even go out of business if it becomes the target of a deadly attack by cybercriminals and hackers. The list of these threats is long, and several statistical surveys suggest that businesses encounter financial losses well into millions of dollars when their security is compromised mainly because the owners have not paid enough attention to securing their business data and endpoints with a sufficient level of cyber security solution.

Some common types of Viruses and Cyberthreats that are prevalent today –

Malware –

These are a kind of malicious software that used by cybercriminals to damage targeted computer systems. Malware usually comes in the form of a suspicious email attachment and when an employee clicks such a link the Malware concealed in the file would wreck or hijack the system. Later the attacker may demand money in exchange for unlocking the system that may contain your important and sensitive data or documents. There are different types of Malware attacks, such as in the form of viruses that can corrupt the system, spyware that is used by an attacker to steal private information from the system and exploit it to his advantage like credit card details, or Ransomware that is used by a hacker to hijack a system and then demand ransom money to unlock the system.

Phishing Attack –

Cybercriminals would usually send a mail that may seem very authentic or legitimate on the outside to the user and as such the user may be inclined to click it or go over to the website link that has been sent to him, only to find out that it was a fraud link, and until the user would realize this it may be too late and the cybercriminal would have successfully extracted the info he wanted.

DoS –

Denial of Service or a DoS attack is where the user is overwhelmed by requests, leading the system to hang or freeze, causing the company to encounter downtime which puts the business at risk of losing their clients and a lot of money. The DoS attack is aimed at creating so much fake traffic to a business server that it would not be able to fulfill the customer requests that are legitimate.

And that is just not the end as there are several more types of cyber threats for eg. SQL injection attacks where the database is targeted through the means of malicious codes, Man-in-the-Middle attacks, trojan virus attacks, adware, and bot attack to mention a few more. What makes it even more worrying is that these threats are increasing every day every hour in intensity as well as numbers and attackers are finding new unique methods to intrude on the business servers and systems.

Advantages a Managed Cyber Security Provider Offers your Business –

Continuous Threat Monitoring and Reporting –

Round-the-Clock threat monitoring is a key characteristic of Managed Cyber Security Services that makes sure any attempted intrusions or attacks by cybercriminals are kept at bay and your network and system is constantly functioning in a secure environment.

Disaster Recovery and Backup –

The Managed Security Services provides you with Disaster Management solutions for instance creating a backup of your data so that you can recover it instantly when or if you encounter a situation of technological disaster. Having no disaster management solutions can cause your business an unimaginable magnitude of damage, not just financial but also reputational damage. So this is a very crucial solution that an MSSP offers.

Endpoint security –

All your systems and devices carried with each employee across your company are protected. The employees are educated about how they should approach or handle suspicious requests or emails so that there is no leakage of your organization’s private data.

Latest and Modern Security tools –

The MSSP uses the most modern security tools and techniques available, which is very crucial to deal with the new kinds of threats that occur to businesses. These would be accessible to you at very cost-efficient prices when combined with the MSSP fee, in comparison to having to spend on them separately with an in-house team. Moreover, you won have to spend on updating the tools since the MSSP charges its fixed rate without making you worry about any added expenditure.

Closing Remarks –

So clearly, hiring a security services company is not just something that is merely beneficial to a business but rather an absolute necessity with all the numerous threats looming at a business all the time. It would be only smart for a business to avail the services of a professional cyber security provider to safeguard their business against ever-increasing cyber threats.

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