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Microsoft Admits Surface Tablet Might Hurt its Relationship with Partners

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Ever since Microsoft’s last minute reveal of the Surface tablet in Los Angles this June, it has come into question wether its partners were aware of theSurface Tablet was in Microsofts outline.
This announcement came right after major partners such as Acer, Dell, and Asus pledged to develop new hardware for Microsofts latest Windows 8 operating System. Reuters claims that Microsoft did indeed give their partners a heads-up before their announcement, but word only got around to them three days prior.
Microsoft isn’t known for developing its own hardware- aside form the Xbox 360 ( which has been a success to say the least) but develops the software that goes on millions of devices produced by their hardware partners.
The Surface Tablet may have already had its effect on some partners as Hewlett- Packard (HP) has already changed its plans on one of their tablets under development before the Surface unveil which was targeted at the consumer market, but has now changed to focus on the business market. Other manufacturers haven’t said much on this issue except Acer’s founder Stan Shih, who claimed the Surface is intended to push the adoption of Windows 8 as a tablet OS, and will disappear after its first iteration.
Wether or not this will happen all depends on how well the Surface Tablet sells. Judging from the excitement, and how well it was received at its unveil many people are considering a purchase. Again, this also depends on Microsofts pricing model as there will be stiff competition from its partners and other OS’. In some cases it has been reported that the Surface has been listed online for $1000, a price point that may lead to its failure in the consumer market.
If the Surface is a success though, Microsoft won’t be getting rid of its firs party Hardware too soon, especially if its profitable.
We will have to wait and see how things pan out in the near future, and you can surly expect more coverage on the Surface Tablet.

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