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Mobile Data to exceed Voice Usage

by Blog_Admin

According to the GSMA, mobile data will exceed voice revenues by year 2018. That’s seems to an incredible turnaround considering the fact that data services have arrived very late in the mobile technology scene and is fast expanding. For US and UK, it could happen as soon by year 2014. The surge has been attributed greatly due to connected devices and the growth of machine-to-machine communications which is creating huge demand for data. Mobile Data access has brought in a revolution not only in the developed world but also a great impact on developing economy. Mobile data usage has brought in a revolution is day to day life. For example, mobile connectivity has brought major improvements in medical science enabling health workers in Africa better fight killer diseases such as malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. With the usage of mobile data, health workers can monitor and track the disease and take precautions to restrict the disease in that area. Similarly, the usage of mobile data is helping saving hundreds of tonnes of food which was spoiled during transportation due to lack of proper storage facilities and tracking system. GSMA also suggested that the use of mobile handsets, e-readers and tablets could put 1.8 million more children in education by 2017. Mobile usage has certainly made a great impact on our day to day life.

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