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Network Security for Small and Medium Businesses

by Blog_Admin

Can you answer these questions about the security of your company?
Do I have the provision to get all the data back in case of a disaster, data theft , internal data theft or crash?
If there is security breach tomorrow, are you prepared for it or do you have a mechanism in place?
How are you protected if your staff member steals an important piece of information or misuse or commit a fraud?
Have you prioritized your resources? For example what do you think is most valuable, your company data, customer data, Intellectual property rights or your company reputation?
Do you have an enterprise level security to protect your business against a security breach and are you protected?
Well if you are not prepared for these questions, you certainly need a high level of network security to secure your business from potential disaster which can strike you in any of the abovementioned forms. As per one of articles in BBC, smaller firms can be easy target for Cyber Criminals. Internal data theft is also one of the biggest potential disasters that may happen if you are not fully equipped. With the current trend of BYOD, the data breach threat is always there.
It is a general trend that small business companies don’t take data security very seriously as they think they being small companies, no one would bother to hack or crack their system and this is where hackers take advantage. Small businesses are therefore most vulnerable to security breaches. As per one of the surveys by leading security firm Symantec, 40% of all the targeted attacks were directed on small and medium sized businesses compared to only 28% directed at large corporations.
Internal Security Issues:
Internal staff or employees operating the systems are considered the weakest link for any level of security breach. With new IT technical advancements, staff or employees have to the liberty to operate their system from either home, office or any hotspot. This makes them vulnerable to data security. For example accessing data using unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots can easily catch the transmitted data thus causing headaches for the company. With the BYOD movement, it is has even become more critical since the company data is regularly accessed via unsecured devices that employees use for their personal use as well.
Use Security Protection:
Companies looking to protect their valuable company data and company information first need to identify their priorities such as what are their most valuable data and where is it located. They simple need to back up their data on day to day basis or hire a professional IT Network Support company like Synergy IT to take care of their data security via managed service agreement. We service all type of companies including Real Estate. Professional security hardware equipment is necessary to thwart security hacks into their systems.  Good secure firewall and data encryption is a must have feature. Getting a managed service would be the best solution as their systems are constantly monitored for security breaches and any issue is fixed remotely with minimal downtime. Proper Disaster Recovery is the success to Peace of Mind!

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