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Pentagon expanding Cyber Staff by 5 times

by Blog_Admin

As per a recent news, US Pentagon is mulling to increase it’s Cyber Staff to 5 folds. This step is being seen to thwart future online and cyber attacks threats which are expected to increase exponentially over the period of three years. Cyber Command as popularly know  currently has around 900 staff members including both military and civilian. According to reports published in the Washington Post, the plan is to expand the staff by 4,900  people creating three types of forces under the Cyber Command: protecting computer systems that involve electrical grids and other kinds of infrastructure, offensive operations overseas as well as protection of the defence department’s internal systems. US Defence Secretary had already warned in 2012 that the threat from cyber-attacks on US interests is growing as more and more Cyber attacker and hackers wants to either disrupt or sneak into US classified data.
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