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SharePoint Migration from 2007 to 2013

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SharePoint Migration

Migration of SharePoint from 2007 to 2010 or 2013 is a daunting challenge but if you have the right expertise and follow proper procedures, it can be relatively easy if not a seamless process.

Chronological Upgrade process

Because SharePoint 2013 is the latest version simply drop the idea of migrating MOSS 2007 to 2010 and focus on migrating only to SharePoint 2013.  You would need to migrate your current Workloads, teams, id’s and projects directly into 2013. However, if your MOSS 2007 is heavily customized, you would have to follow a strict process of porting in the all the customization to the new version. if do flat out upgrade, you would loose all the customization. Another notable mention is that you cannot simply upgrade from 2007 to 2013 directly but it has to be done in a chronological fashion. You can perform a series of database-attach upgrades to first upgrade your content to SharePoint 2010 Products and then to SharePoint 2013.

  • Make sure you have the updated Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 including the latest service packs before you upgrade the farms
  • backup all your data before the migration
  • Make sure your Hardware and software is compatible to run SharePoint 2013. Visit the link to verify the requirements.
  • set up temp farm running SharePoint 2010 as a mid point to SharePoint 2013
  • Set up your full SharePoint Foundation 2013 or SharePoint Server 2013 farm, and verify that it is configured and running correctly.

For more information on migration and support on SharePoint 2013, please contact our sales team.

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