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Top 5 Emerging Cloud Computing Trends for 2022 and 2023

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Cloud Computing Trends

Technology in the 21st century is growing at a much faster rate than it has ever been before. Among all its domains one very vital component is the aspect of Information Technology. It is a necessity in virtually every sphere of life these days but especially important when you are running a business. All businesses whether large or small-medium, have established an online presence for themselves in the face of growing competition in the market. One particular field of Managed IT Services that business organizations look forward to is the Cloud.

Cloud computing is a step ahead of traditional Computing. Migrating or Moving to the Cloud assists your enterprise in several ways. It helps boost the efficiency of our business, reduce expenses of buying new Hardware and Software, and facilitates your business’ all-round growth with everything it offers. There is scope for more revolutionary features to be added to the Cloud in the upcoming years. We’ll talk here about the likely new developments and trends that can occur in Cloud technology in 2022/23.

We know that Cloud is now much more than just an online storage space for your data and its functions continue to evolve. New developments continue to emerge every now and then to add more agility to your Cloud experience.

Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends

5 of such fast emerging trends or new services that can be added to the Cloud in the near future are discussed below:

1. Quantum Computing

It is one of the emerging trends that has been conceptualized for the future. With large data assembled in the Cloud, Quantum Computing will help process it fast with speedy analysis and better accuracy. One will be able to have the Cloud data organized as well as categorized much more quickly. Although this technology will take a while to arrive full-fledged, it promises to be groundbreaking and will facilitate multiple variables to be computed simultaneously at once.

2. Better Security

Managed Cyber Security has always been a point of concern in regard to Cloud computing. Security breaches have been increasing all the time which is a challenge for Cloud-based Solutions. Every organization wants their client information and data to be fully secure, and when using the Cloud platform they naturally expect top-notch security. So Cloud Services are taking the ever-present cyber security threats very seriously hence we can surely look forward to seeing the emergence of new innovative solutions to deal with cyber security issues in order to strengthen the security architecture in Cloud Computing.

3. Incorporation of A.I.

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been making the most buzz of all the emerging and developing technologies lately. Its adoption will no doubt give a huge boost to the Cloud. Cloud-based Services will become only that much better, not to mention more efficient, and will be able to handle complex problems with ease. The use of AI and M.I (Machine Learning) will add more tools to the portfolio of Cloud Services and automate many of its processes providing even more attractive prospects for businesses in deploying Cloud-based solutions.

4. Hybrid Cloud and Serverless Cloud

In Hybrid Cloud computing, the private and public, both the models are used and as such you get the advantage of combining the features of both platforms. The Hybrid Cloud is a rising trend and is steadily gaining popularity among business enterprises.

On the other hand, a Serverless Cloud which is Function-as-a-Service is also a trend growing in demand. It helps provide the developers in an organization with a serverless interface, which saves time and increases your productivity, as they will not have to manage network servers anymore. The running applications’ requirements will be met by the Managed Cloud Services Provider that will manage the allotment of the computer resources.

5. More Personalized Experience

It will be no surprise if even a more personalized Cloud to meet the requirements of the business clients is seen in the near future with a focus on their improved Cloud experience because every business is unique in its own right and have its particular needs. Personalizing is all the more important if the organization is using the multi-cloud model. As the Cloud becomes bigger in size and space the organizations would be more cautious and selective about whom to share their large amount of data.


Seeing its vast potential, even more businesses are going to be willing to invest in Cloud in 2022-23. Organizations need to be up to date with the latest advancements in technology and be continuously aware of all these emerging trends in Cloud computing as mentioned above so they can prepare themselves better for the upcoming innovations and plan accordingly for the future and also leverage the Cloud Services they avail to the maximum. As such, they can remain competitive and reputable in the market.

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