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Top IT Service Requirements of 2015

by Blog_Admin

Year 2015 has seen a major shift in IT services and how they are delivered. With Cloud and Network Security dominating the IT industry, this year certainly had been challenging and off course full of IT Enlightenment
1. Managed IT Services:
Fully Managed IT services as always dominated the service portfolio. Companies of today wants to focus more on their core business while delegating network maintenance and performance to IT professionals. Managed IT Services occupy the top slot for most in demand IT services for year 2015. Managed services help clients optimize their current technology, while simultaneously planning for the the year ahead. Companies with few or no IT staff are most interested in fully managed IT services while larger corporations typically needs an extension to their existing support structure.
2. Cloud Backups:
With growing Data comes great responsibility to properly back it up and manage it. Hybrid Cloud back up has one of the most talked about IT service of year 2015. Conventional Data back up methods such as tape back or hard Drive backup have become outdated and unreliable. Initially hesitant, most IT managers are opting for Cloud Backup solutions to fully cover their data in case of a disaster.  Companies value their technical and business assets, and cloud backup can help them build a plan to keep them secure no matter what happens.
3. MS Exchange Migration:
With Microsoft pulling the plug on Server 2003,  a lot of companies have shown interest in migrating their legacy Exchange 2003 to 2013 and this features one of our top 5 IT service demands. Exchange 2003 certainly had a good run over the last 10 years since it was released back in back in 2003 and now upgrading to Exchange 2013 seems a daunting tasks for most IT managers. But with the end of Support, MS Exchange migration has been must and most requested item. You either upgrade to Exchange 2013 or go for Hosted Exchange solution.
4. Hardware Purchase:
Server refresh and hardware upgrade is 4th Top rated service request. With the advent of Cloud and hosted solutions, Hardware purchase requirement has taken a massive hit but still accounts for a major chunk of IT services. With Server upgrade,  aging server hardware refresh becomes an obvious requirement and thus features on our list of Top IT requirements.
5. Disaster Recovery:
Disasters can happen anywhere and anytime. Be it a natural calamity or human induced, a disaster can have devastating effect on your business.  This year, we saw several instances of IT disasters happening right from Server breakdown to a whole Network failure. A solid disaster recovery plan if implemented can minimize the negative effects of a disaster and allow the organization to maintain or quickly resume mission-critical functions.
6. IT Consulting:
Everyone needs a stable and a well optimized IT environment. One of our key strengths has been our ability to help clients maximise their investment in IT by ensuring that they implement a tailored, fit-for-business IT service based on industry best practice which ultimately leads to efficiencies and cost savings across their business. IT Consulting has always been in demand and will do so.
Other notable mentions and in demand IT Services includes Software Development, Office 365 support, Project Management and more. We look forward to a better 2016 for all our customers!

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