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Windows 10 new Security features to protect data breach

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Windows 10 is eagerly awaited and Microsoft is slowly but steadily coming up features you can’t afford to ignore. Such is the excitement that Microsoft claims they have over 1 million registrant for their Windows Insider program and over 200,000 pieces of user-initiated feedback. Participants in the Insider program receives the latest pre-release builds once they’re available, and Microsoft will provide tools and information to help users provide feedback and shape the next version of Windows. Microsoft is focusing on unveiling Windows for the enterprise, highlighting  various security features for business customers that includes Enterprise-grade security, identity and malware protection along with simplified management and
deployment. Windows 10 would also offer expanded Start menu and will offer businesses more choice in how quickly they adopt the latest innovations delivering continued improvements based on customer feedback.In the latest Blog update, Microsoft has unveiled a series of powerful security features to available on Windows 10. A 2 layer of security authentication that includes a password and PIN or biometric, such as fingerprint feature has been introduced to minimize data hack.

This means that an attacker would need to have a user’s physical device – in addition to the means to use the user’s credential – which would require access to the users PIN or biometric information. Users will be able to enroll each of their devices with these new credentials, or they can enroll a single device, such as a mobile phone, which will effectively become their mobile credential. It will enable them to sign-in into all of their PC’s, networks, and web services as long as their mobile phone is nearby. In this case, the phone, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, will behave like a remote smartcard and it will offer two factor authentication for both local sign-in and remote access.

Windows 10 also provides organizations with the ability to lock down devices, enabling additional threat and malware resistance. Because malware is often inadvertently installed onto devices by users, Windows 10 addresses this threat by only allowing trusted apps, meaning apps that are signed using a Microsoft provided signing service, to be run on specially configured devices. Windows 10 is on the right track with both visual and security based enhanced features. Can’t wait to get the latest version.
Customers interested in downloading the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and participating in the Windows Insider Program can visit http://technet.microsoft.com/en-US/.
Windows 10 is scheduled to released in the Summer of 2014.

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