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Windows 11: An Exclusive OS to do Remote Work and e-Learning Easily

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MS Windows 11

Microsoft declared Windows 10 as the last version of the operating system six years ago. So, what went wrong? The COVID fiasco changed the way we work, teaching us how to do remote work and e-learning. As a result, Microsoft released Windows 11, a new operating system developed exclusively for remote work, e-learning, and PlayStation. The newest version will be available by the holiday season with a complete set of support services Windows 11. However, if you want to try the features, the beta version is already available on the floor. But if you want to wait for the full version; we would like to tell you a few remarkable things about it. Let’s get started:

What’s With the New Buzz?

  • Android Apps on PC: That’s a cool feature. With this feature, a user can easily run all of his android apps through the Amazon App Store – live streaming and posting on Tik Tok, direct e-learning from Extramarks, designing creatives on Canva, watch shows, movies, stream award functions, and even curate stories and collections. In case you think of downloading any apps through the play store, Microsoft is one step ahead before you think and has thoroughly evaluated them for security and family safety.
  • Visual Overhaul: The user interface is far more intriguing than that of window’s earlier versions, with more swiping strokes and touch gestures resembling those of a precision touchpad. Furthermore, windows will be center-aligned and floating too.
  • Future of Gaming: This newest version aims to maximize the performance of your system’s hardware by implementing cutting-edge gaming technology such as DirectX 12 ultimate, which enables breathtaking and immersive creatives at high frame rates, offers direct storage for faster loading times, and an Auto HDR for a vibrant range of colors, unlocking a new gaming experience. Windows 11 does not require any equipment, is perfectly fine with your gaming accessories and peripherals, just as it is with your Xbox Game Pass for PC or Ultimate, which gives gamers access to over 100 high-quality games from around the world. And, if you don’t have a play companion, don’t worry, this edition allows you to find one either on a console or on a computer.
  • Brings Down Complexity & Control: This latest version includes the cloud’s unique power and Microsoft 365 to show off your latest files regardless of the device or platform you were using. Even if you’re using IOS or Android, it puts you in control at all times. The latest edition allows you to accomplish a variety of things like Snap Apps, Snap Groups, Open Multiple Windows, and Desktops to see what you want to see in a clear and clean visual presentation that helps you organize at all costs.
  • Connect Effortlessly: It enables you to communicate with all of your connections quickly via text, audio, and video, regardless of the platform or device used. And connect with your work buddy through a 2-way text SMS even if you are not on TEAMS.
  • News & Updates: Microsoft understands that even the smartest man on earth requires a break to work functionally. Keeping that in mind, Microsoft has come up with a new idea of offering the current affairs across the world as a sheet of glass at your system without disrupting your train of thoughts. This is a modern-day widget with a tailored feed created using AI technology.
  • New Ecosystem: Microsoft with its newest OS allows a myriad of developers, creators, and independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring their stores, apps [based on WIN32, PWA, or Universal Windows App (UWA)], and keep 100% of the money without having to pay a platform fee. This step will establish an extended relationship with your clients, allowing them to have seamless access to information, apps, games, movies, and web material that they wish to read and access.

What happens when you choose Windows 11 over Windows 10?

Nothing happens! Microsoft makes sure that all of your prior operations will work, and if it does not you can easily seek assistance from Microsoft Windows 11 Support Services i.e. App Assure at no additional cost, accommodating 150+ people. To combat the dangers posed by the hybrid operating system, Microsoft collaborated closely with its Silicon Partners and OEMs to increase the security threshold of this brand-new operating system.


Is it necessary to switch to Windows 11 if you are happy with your current OS version?

Not at all necessary to switch to the newer version. On the other hand, Windows will never force you to switch to a new OS.

Will all my applications work with the newest version?
Of course! Microsoft guarantees that all of your applications should work and if not you can directly connect with the Windows 11 technical support. For assistance, you can easily connect with Azure App for any technical query.

When can I buy a PC with this pre-installed OS?
PCs with this newest version will be available later this year.

What will be the cost of new PCs with the latest version of this pre-installed OS?
The price is not fixed and it differs from seller to seller.

Windows 11 Upgrade Help

Satya Nadella has indicated that the free version of Windows 11 will be out by the end of November, so you have plenty of time to upgrade your systems and fix any bugs that might cause hindrance while installing the newest version. However, if you are lagging even after the installation process is complete, then you could always reach out to Windows 11 support services for complete support.

Windows 10 to Windows 11 Upgrade

All users using genuine Windows 10 like (Pro, Home) can follow these simple steps, which are:

  • Go to settings and simply navigate to the Windows Update and security option.
  • Click on Windows Update and security option and check for any OS update.
  • If it shows ready to update to Windows 11, then download and install.
  • Restart your PC/Computer so that new features will work fine.
  • Check Windows Insider Program Access – Open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program, Tab Get Started.

Windows 11 Enterprise License

There will be some changes for the LTSC versions when we look at volume licensing for an enterprise agreement. There will be only one update every year with the newest version. Aside from the regular update cycle, clients with project systems can choose the Long Term Servicing Channel version, which includes upgrades every 2 to 3 years and can be extended up to 10 years.

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