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Windows 8.1 or iPad

by Blog_Admin

Lot of customers still goes confused whether they go with iPad or Windows 8.1 device for their Business usage. The right choice depends upon your usage and the following questions:

  • Is mobile productivity on the move important to your business?
  • How are users syncing their data across devices and organizing their files  in the cloud?
  • Is it important for you to boost productivity by running and visualizing two apps at once?
  • Does your business need a dedicated kiosk mode for your tablets?
  • Do you worry about sensitive data getting into the wrong  hands. Do you need the ability to remotely corporate apps and data while leaving personal data and apps intact?
  • Is it important for you that multiple users can securely use the same device?
  • How often do you browse the web to search for information and resources?
  • Have you ever invested in peripherals such as printers, scanners, displays, keyboards etc?
  • Are you looking to virtualise your applications and OS to reduce management pains?
  • How are you facilitating the access to corporate email, data, printers and Apps?

If your answer is yes or you face any of the above issues, Windows 8.1 device is the perfect fit for you.
Windows 8 devices go beyond what iPad can deliver by offering all the convenience and mobility of a tablet WITH power productivity PC. This new era of devices delivers on the experiences that people love AND enterprise-grade solutions that companies need grade solutions that companies need. Windows 8 devices offer a seamless integration with your current infrastructure and can be managed more easily securely than the iPad.
Why not iPad?
iPad is primarily used as a mobile companion experience, does not come with a keyboard, and requires expensive dongles to support the limited number of peripherals compatible with iOS. You may need to carry two devices with you to get the work done.

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