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Windows 8.1 Updates now Available

by Blog_Admin

Microsoft has released an update to Windows 8 today as the company made a preview of Windows 8.1 available for free at an event in San Francisco, CA. Windows 8.1 will allow people to start in the desktop mode automatically. And yes, the Start button is back there is a Start icon fixed to the lower-left corner of the screen. Other new features of Windows 8.1 include options to use multiple apps. Now you can use multiple apps at one time and be your boss to how much of the screen each app takes while showing up to four different programs, rather than just two. Earlier you were forced into an 80 / 20 split but now you can have upto 4 splits of your choice of ratio.
Search Has been greatly revamped in Windows 8.1. Earlier you use to see the links to files, settings and apps, now it is completely spread with results showing even web results and even you can play music files from the search feature. Isn’t that cool!

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