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10 Apps to Boost Your Productivity ( For Business Users )

by Blog_Admin

Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Alright so we have compiled a list of apps that we’re sure will benefit most business users out on the inter-webs. These Apps will work with most smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, a few work with blackberry as well. (Free image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

10.  Dropbox
Available on: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry
Cost: Free
Sharing files has never been easier. Dropbox allows you to store important files in the cloud and access them from anywhere. Install the drop box client on your computer at work, and have acces to your files on any internet-connected device through a web browser, but make the entire experience better with the app, as its a much quicker client.
9. Screens
Cost: 19.99
This ones a bit pricy, especially if you consider most apps are usually a buck or two, but screens is definitely worth the investment if you are looking for a top-notch VNC client for your iOS device. Screens is an absolute pleasure to use, and the setup is especially simple. Where this App really shines is the entire user experience, it looks great and functions just as well. You can set up multiple servers and if configured correctly you can even access your Computer from outside your network. With iCloud support you can even sync your devices across your network, with the screens desktop app.
8. CloudOn 
Cost: Free
Ever want Microsoft Office on your iPad? Well look no farther as the people who brought you Onlive ( The game streaming service) comes CloudOn, Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and powerpoint  in the cloud. Apples come out with their own word processing and spreadsheet apps, but at $10 bucks a pop it a pricy alternative. Microsoft’s suite has also become a standard for any business and anyone without a Mac wont be able to access a pages file. The downside to CloudOn is the occasional hiccups experienced due to the entire program being streamed from the cloud.
7. StockTouch
Cost: $4.99
This is a relatively new app on the iOS marketplace, but it not only provides the most comprehensive way to view stocks and follow the stock market, but also has the most beautiful interface found on any app- regardless of category.
6. Webr
Cost: Free
Not sure if this app should really be on the list, but it provides a very easy way to develop great looking websites very quickly. Business USers will probably need a more advance toolset then whats provided in Webr, but its great app to play around with, and may even inspire a few ideas.
5. Goodreader
cost: $4.99
This is one of the greatest apps available for iOS, as it allows you to open almost any file type thrown at it. You can then add annotations, and share the file via DropBox, and other services. The downside to this app is that its not universal and requires a purchase for ipad and iPhone.
4. Sparrow
cost: $4.99
If you use Gmail ( and who dosen’t) this app should be on your iPhone right now. The company that created this app was recently acquired by Google- thats how good this app is, nuff said.
3. OmniFocus 
cost: $19.99
Again we are verging in the territory of very expensive apps hereonly a really beautiful way  to manage your tasks, but its also incredibly powerful. Take control of your schedual with this  app. 
2. JotNot Scanner Pro
Cost $0.99
Turn your phone into a scanner! Jot Not Scanner Pro can scan and save everything you need whether it includes documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, books, art and more. Using your phone’s camera, JotNot can scan, save, edit and even fax documents you deem important.
1.  Analytics App 
Cost: $6.99
Today, businesses rely on search engins to get customers, and this means you have to focus on your website, and monitor its activity. Analytics app connects directly too your google analytics account and displays all of the information you need to push your business forward, and get more people to see your website.
There you have it, our list of the best business apps, for your smartphone, and mobile devices, make sure you check back often for updates, and new apps added to this list, as well as new listes in the future.

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