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Hurricane Sandy, Issac and Katrina have been an eye opener for all of us. We have seen hundreds of companies network shut down by these unexpected natural disasters. The question here is -Despite these untimely disasters, are you 100% confident that all of your critical data could be recovered quickly? If your answer is NO, then your business is in trouble. Primitive Data backup methods such as Tape drive and manual back are becoming obsolete. These data back up solutions are not reliable as there is always a chance of data loss due to physical damage. You need a solid data back up plan making sure nothing is lost during natural disaster or other issues. Carry a detailed audit ensuring that all critical data is being backed up. Try for solutions that offer daily backups and a full backup at least once a week. Also if you plan to go cloud backup, make sure one copy of the backup data resides locally while other being stored on the cloud. This solution is being offered by Datto Inc. a leading back up solution providing company in North America and Synergy IT is the authorized re-seller for them in Canada.
Data Back up Datto
Regular, systematic and verified backup of your company’s files is absolutely critical. Datto’s automated backup process virtually eliminates human error and equipment failure.
With Datto back up solution, you get the following advantages:

  • Proactive Monitoring of your Backups 24/7/365
  • Frequent Backups
  • Standby Server
  • Data Integrity Monitoring
  • Rapid Recovery
  • NO Hardware to Purchase
  • Our NO Hassel, NO Questions, NO Problem,
  • “Cancel the Service” Guarantee

While there are as many backup methods as there are companies, we at Synergy IT Solutions can help you develop the best backup and recovery solutions for your business. Contact our support team online back solutions best suited to your business requirements.

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