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Malware – How to avoid and remove it

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Malware as we all know are unwanted software or scripts that are installed on the user computer to disrupt computer working or hack sensitive information. Malware are a nuisance and if not removed can cause a great deal of loss. The question is how to avoid malware and if it does gets installed, how to safely remove it. So we start with avoiding Malware first: Off course the first step is to browse safe sites only. Try as much to avoid Pornography, phony gambling or file-sharing, P2P, or illegal software and music download sites. These sites are mostly targeted by hackers and there is a great deal of chance that your PC might get affected even though you have a good antivirus. Avoid opening emails from users you don’t know and those which have unknown files or just link. Even if it comes from a person you know, make sure the email makes sense and simply does not have a link which might lead you to a malware site. Avoid clicking on free deal banner sites offering you free iPad or free trip. Nothing is free in this world expect Malware. Always use updates software patches and also update Windows as and when prompted.
How to remove the Malware:
Here is a list of free Malware removal tools which might be helpful if used properly.
Run Hijackthis: This is a free and effective tool from TrendMicro which filter out several files system to locate the Malware. Be Careful for it usage and you should know more than basics to operate this software.
CCleaner: Another free and very popular malware removal tool. This toll removes unwanted junk files, cleans the system and even edits the system registry. Run a full scan and it will clean the junk created by malware. CCleaner is one of the best downloaded software on download.com
Check the System 32 Folder. System 32 will have most of the malwares and virus infections. Look for the latest unknown files and check to see their relevancy online. If the file is suspected, take a back up and remove the file.
Run Malware Byte: Malwarebyte is again one of best know Malware cleaner. Run a thorough scan and if possible go for the trail version with real time Malware protection. Scan the files once a day before leaving or in the morning.
Tune up your PC. After removing the infected files, you need to run defrag and tune up software such as Glary Utilities to stable your system. However even after following all these process, if you still are not able to fix the problem, contact your nearest IT Support Company for further help and suggestions.

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