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Wireless Network issues – troubleshooting tips

by Blog_Admin

The wireless network communication has brought a new revolution in how we acess our data. In real terms it has brought fundamental changes to data networking and  telecommunication sector by doing away with bulky and messy Data Cables. Wireless Network is now an essential part of every Business and even home. Any outage or disruption can be quiet frustrating and he can complied some trouble shooting tips that might prove handy for you.
1. Make sure the AP or Wireless Router is powered on and the first step is to restart the same for about 10-15 seconds and see if it back.
2. Always have the updated software and firmware. The updated firmware always make sure the network is stable. Always install latest Service Packs for Operating System or Network Client.
3. You also might want to see what else is on the same power circuit. If network is cutting again and again, its very unlikely to be failing hardware. If the connections only drop for a very short time it may be power cycling from a temp voltage drop.
4. Make sure the device or the Access Point is not closing to some electronic device such as Scanner. This might also affect your network.
5. There can also be WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security key or passphrase issues.

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