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Fiber Optic Cabling and its benefits

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What is Fiber Optic Cable?
Fiber optic cable in very simple terms is a bundle of fiber optic threads which are made up of pure glass and has the diameter equal to that of a human hair. The unique feature of the fiber optic cable is that it uses light instead of electricity in order to carry digital data signals and hence because of this fact, it can transmit information at a much faster rate. These days fiber optic cabling is gaining lot of popularity because of its use in the applications like internet, telephone system, cable TV etc.
Advantages of Fiber Optic Cable
Carry information faster – Fiber optic cable can carry information at a much faster rate when a comparison is made with the copper or the other coaxial cables.
Relatively less expensive – The manufacturing cost involved is very reasonable.
Loss of signals is less –Fiber optic cable suffers very less degradation especially over the long distances and so the customers can expect clear picture, sound and also a faster transmission speed.
Consumes less energy –Since in the fiber optic cable, there is less signal loss and so the lower power transmitters can basically be used for the transmission of information. This is the factor which is responsible for saving cost on maintenance and this ultimately is a positive point for the customers.
Less risk injury – Because no electricity is used in this cable and so the risk of getting burnt or occurrence of any other accident is comparatively very less.
More flexibility – The fiber optic cable is more flexible because it can be twisted, tied into knots very conveniently and there is no risk of cable breaking, whereas on the other side the copper and the coaxial cables should be handled with lot of care since they are less flexible.
Good bandwidth – Fiber optic cable can very easily facilitate higher bandwidth for the data transmission at a faster rate and also it is an additional benefit for the customers as they will also receive better audio and video reception.
Less Interference – One distinct feature of the fiber optic cable is that, it has a higher signal carrying capacity and so it means less interference.
Distance – Fiber optic cable can very easily carry a strong signal over long distances, which ultimately results in excellent transmission of the images and voice.
Less susceptible – The fiber optic cables are thin and light when a comparison is made with the other metal wires.
Benefits of Fiber cables over copper wires
– Full electrical isolation
– No electromagnetic interference
– Better video experience
– Extremely clear voice communication
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