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Cisco’s next-generation firewall

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upgrade Cisco Firewall
Cisco’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) offers the industry’s first adaptive, threat-focused firewall solution, Cisco® ASA with FirePOWER™ Services. It delivers superior, multilayered protection, improves visibility, and reduces security costs. Achieve integrated threat defense across the entire attack continuum with the proven Cisco ASA firewall combined with the industry’s most effective next-generation IPS and advanced malware protection.
As a Cisco Support Partner we deliver a total package to help you maximize your return on investment as you move to the NGFW. We offer:

  • Migration and technical support services
  • Trade-in promotions and Cisco financing
  • Security Ignite and other specialized promotions

Speed of change and stakes are high—embrace the change: The stakes for organizational innovation are high, with rapidly changing technology trends and a competitive landscape. This makes the network more critical than ever before. IT needs to upgrade their switches and access points now to remain competitive and promote transformation.
Trends are happening now—do not get left behind: Many of the switches and wireless access points that are currently deployed were not designed for capabilities such as BYOD, mobility, advanced security, software defined networking (SDN), and more. The network has to evolve to better adapt to these major technology transitions.
End of product lifecycle—refresh before it ends: Many of the deployed switches and access points have reached end of support or end of sale. Switches and access points that have reached or are close to end of support (such as the Cisco Catalyst 6500 non-E-Series, 3750G, and 2950, and the Aironet® 340 and 1500 Series) should be upgraded now for continuity and lower TCO. End-of-sale switches and access points should also be upgraded now, as they may not have a robust roadmap to support new trends.
Be proactive—don’t wait until it’s too late: It takes time to roll out new capabilities, so you need to start now for imminent deployments of 802.11ac, SDN, and the creation of a more application-aware network.

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