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Managing the IPv6 Migration

by Blog_Admin

The internet is everywhere and not just PCs and servers but also smart phones music devices appliances and so on. Infact analysts predicts that there will be more than $22 billion internet enabled devices by the end of the decade .The problem is; there are simply won’t be enough internet addresses to go around. The current IP standard IPv4 allows for just more than $4 billion IP addresses. A new standard IP6 obliterates that limit with billions and billions of unique IP addresses.  If you have trouble grasping just how many more addresses that represents try this; Comparing ipv4 address space to ipv6 is like comparing one human tear to 68 times the volume of ocean of all the earth’s oceans. So good news is that IPv6 will fix the world’s IP address availability problems. But how do we get there? we cannot switch over all at once.  There are just too many devices, companies and people involved in that. We have to live in a world where ipv6 and ipv4 addresses must coexist and that means service provider must manage this migration for customer devices as well as for back end core services. so let’s us help you do the migration.

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