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OneDrive for Small Business – FAQ’s

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OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) is a great tool for secure online storage available with our Office 365 plans for businesses of all sizes. It’s the place where employees can store, sync, share and collaborate on their work files with colleagues inside and outside the organization.
Good news for Storage lovers; Microsoft has recently the storage from 25 GB to 1 Tera byte per user. Although with storage enhancements, It has also Simplified UI controls and added Search Improvements.
What are the storage limits of OneDrive for Business?
For OneDrive for Business standalone, or in Office 365 or SharePoint Online, the maximum storage limit is 1TB per user with the option to purchase additional storage, up to 100GB per user.
For on-premises deployments, 100MB will be the default storage limit and administrators can control the personal OneDrive for Business storage limit.
What is the maximum number of documents I can sync, and the maximum file size that can by synchronized?
For OneDrive for Business library you can sync up to 20,000 documents. For team site document libraries, you can sync only up to 5,000 documents. Maximum file size is up to 2GB and you can upload multiple files at once.
Will users be able to “share” files with other people in their organization who are not licensed for OneDrive for Business?
No. All internal users that are accessing OneDrive for Business will need to be licensed OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online users. External users, however, do not need a license to access documents shared with them. Definition of an external user is available here.
How long does the promotional pricing last?
For customers that sign up for the offer during the 6-month promo period, the promotional pricing will be in effect for the term of their agreement/contract. Once the term of their agreement comes to an end, the pricing will revert back to the standard pricing for the SKU at that time.
Why is the new OneDrive for Business SKU priced at $5/user/month while SharePoint Plan 1 is only $3?
The new OneDrive for Business includes full Office Online (formerly Office Web Apps) capabilities that enable full fidelity viewing and editing of Office document formats, while SharePoint Plan 1 provides viewing only. For many customers that are looking just for a files sync/share solution, OneDrive for Business pricing of $5 is very competitive with other solutions such as Dropbox and Box that are priced in the $15/user/month range, and the Office Online capability differentiates us from the other providers. Customers that are looking for a team collaboration solution but do not need Office Online can consider SharePoint Online Plan 1 at $3/user/month.
Will OneDrive for Business be available as a trial?
Yes. OneDrive for Business provides a fully featured 30 day trial option for up to 25 users. OneDrive for Business is also included in our existing 30 day trials of Office 365 Small Business Premium, Office 365 Midsize Business and Office 365 Enterprise E3. Customer wishing to try OneDrive for Business can use either trial option.
How much will the new OneDrive for Business standalone SKU cost?
The new “OneDrive for Business with Office Online” SKU launches on April 1st, 2014, with a retail price of $5 per user per month. Office 365 partners focused on small and medium sized customers will be able to sell OneDrive for Business through either the Open or Microsoft Partners such as Synergy IT Solutions.
From the April 1st launch until September 30, 2014, Microsoft will be have two promotional offers available for customers: a 50% discount for all customers and a deeper, 70% discount for Office SA customers.
Contact us to avail these discounts and many additional benefits of Office 365.

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