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Russian hacker Group Hacked CNET Website

by Blog_Admin

CNET, a popular technology news website has confirmed that it’s servers were hacked over the weekend by a Russian Hacker Group stealing a database of registered user’s usernames and passwords. The hacking news was revelead by the Hacker group itself via Twitter Conversation. A member of the hackers group which call themselves as W0rm told CNET News in a Twitter conversation that it stole a database of usernames, emails, and encrypted passwords from CNET’s servers. As per CNET, the database affects more than 1 million users.
CNET is top ten most visited website in the US and the group exploited Symfony PHP Framework which the company implemented to develop the website.
The W0rm group has told that they could sell the hacked database for as low as 1 Bitcoin which is little over $600 going by the current rate. CNET has learnt the lesson and they really need to tighten the security to minimize the damage. off course this might follow with some Law Suits similar to what happened with target.

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