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Data Center Solutions from Cisco

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Data centers are becoming the center of the IT universe. Functionally acting as the most important part of IT, these Data centers are often targets for many Cyber criminals and high profile agencies who are looking to spoof or steal the data. These data centres  have all important customer data, financial information, and corporate intellectual property who is always being targeted. There Data Center Security becomes priority number one for any IT Company.
Cisco is the market leader Network & Data Center Security has a broad portfolio to provide expertise to customers’ secure data center initiatives. The Cisco® Secure Data Center portfolio is the only purpose-built and validated solution designed specifically for today’s dynamic data center environments, providing:

  • Consistent security across physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Support for traditional and next-generation SDN and Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) architectures
  • A “no compromises” approach that provides dynamic provisioning, scalable performance, complete data center integration, and full threat protection
    The Cisco Secure Data Center portfolio of solutions delivers business applications and services reliably and securely. Providing confidence and minimizing risk, the Cisco Secure Data Center validated designs offer best practices for design and implementation.

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