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Computer Malware Removal

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Computer Malware is one of the most widely reported IT issue we deal with. Computers often becomes very slow and non responsive coupled with lot of issues such as pop up ads, PC rebooting itself or even hardware issues. Malware is basically a malicious software which is stored on your computer without your knowledge leading to disruption of your computer operations or even pulling your sensitive information such as passwords. A malware can be anything including adware, spyware, worms, Trojans or even a virus. Malwares can be very harmful and sometimes can leading to PC crash resulting in complete loss of Data and hardware.

Malware attack

How to remove Malware from your PC

Here are some useful tips to for Malware Removal:
Please perform these tasks only we have a sound knowledge of PC operation otherwise consult your IT Support Team.
1. If possible take a back up of all critical files
2. Disconnect your PC from the internet so that there is no incoming or outgoing data from Internet to your PC or Vice Versa
3. Reboot your PC and turn on safe Mode.  To enable safe Mode, press the F8 key while the computer is booting, then select Safe Mode in the menu that appears. Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state.
4. Scan your computer using a good Malicious Software Removal Tool. here are some good Malware removal tools

5. Delete all your cookies and Temporary Files from the TEMP folder
6. Install a suitable malware removal tool and run the scan
7. If your system is infected, you would see a lot of infected files and trojans
8. After the scan is over, remove all the infected files using the prompts by the Malware removal tool
9. Restart your PC after the scan and you should see the difference.
10. if the problem is still visible or you still see the lag in your PC, contact your technical Support. The problem might be related to your PC registry or the infection is too strong for a malware Removal.

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