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Choose an experienced IT Support Company

by Blog_Admin

With each passing year, we see hundreds of one man IT consulting companies mushrooming in and around the Greater Toronto Area. These companies set up their offices in some virtual offices in the downtown Toronto and create eye catchy websites to convey that they are big IT companies and have lot of well experienced and certified IT professional. Any company looking for IT support stumble upon these one 1 man companies and then you know the story ends up in bad experience.  I would always suggest any new customer looking for support to verify the credentials of the company such as how much experience they have their respective field, How many Certified techs and then go for the support. Most important, always asks for references for similar projects. For example if you are looking for exchange migration from 2003 to 2013, check whether that company has hands on experience with the migration process. You don’t want any IT company to learn on your money and then implement the solutions on other users. So in short check the following:

  • Experience and expertise in the respective IT Field
  • Should not be a one man shop
  • No virtual office only
  • Should have Certified Techs
  • Company History
  • Client references

If this sounds interesting to you and you are really looking for IT Consulting or Fully managed IT Services, contact us and we would be glad to assist you.

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