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What is Hybrid Cloud Backup?

by Blog_Admin

The Data backup sector has seen massive improvements in terms of how the data is handled and stored.  Considering the massive unrelenting data growth, the conventional data-backup methods are being outpaced and paving way for new robust and highly efficient solutions such as Hybrid Cloud Backup. The next question on everybody’s mind is what is this Hybrid Cloud Backup? It sure strike resemblance to a Hybrid car which uses 2 way fuel. A hybrid cloud solution also uses 2 way backup, one internal on your premise and other at a public cloud. This is a 2 way back up making sure you have the data available even if one of the source is affected. A business owns some form of local hardware, which is integrated with resources owned by a third party. Depending on what attributes of the business are being pushed to the cloud, there are many options for how a hybrid cloud platform can be constructed.
Synergy IT has partnered with major data backup solution and Intelligent Business Continuity providers such as Datto to provide robust and efficient hybrid backup solutions. Check out Essential Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Backup

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