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What is a Firewall and do I need one?

by Blog_Admin

You may have heard the term personal firewall and wondered what it is or if you need one? Personal firewall work in the background to protect your system from malicious computer code by controlling the internet connection to and from your computer. Thinking that as a traffic cop, allowing and disallowing inbound and outbound traffic, and alerting you to unwanted intrusions because it is a personal, firewall it really only protects the computer on which it is installed. And it allows for security policy to be defined for an individual computer, but did you know you need both a personal and the network firewall. A network firewall can be either software or hardware based. It protect against intrusions from the network or the internet. It won’t protect against now were located from CD or DVD discs. USB flash drives or anytime else directly connected to your computer. That’s why you should pair it with the good anti-virus software and again a personal firewall. For any kind of IT Network Support, please contact our support team.

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