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Cloud Computing – Are you ready?

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Cloud Computing is here, is your Organisation Cloud-Ready? Cloud Computing has different perceptions and different definitions. In its simplest form Cloud Computing is web based platform for all of your business operations. If you have ever used web based email such as Google Mail or Hotmail you have already experienced a simple form of the Cloud. It can be that simple and the idea of the Cloud has been around since the 1960’s.
The idea of moving your business to the Cloud can mean many different things and can be accomplished on different levels depending on your current business needs and comfort level. There are still some ambiguities in regards to what the Cloud is and what it can do for you. Allow Synergy IT Solutions to “clear the skies” and answer your questions about Cloud Computing. Whether your objective is to reduce costs, add flexibility, automate your IT, increase storage capacity, add mobility or shift IT focus to more important business objectives we can outline for you the quickest ways to realize those goals. Our team knows what it takes to keep your business growing and on top of the curve. Here are some of the benefits you can realize with Cloud Computing.
Reduce overall costs and quick ROI – Cloud Computing is essentially web-based computing and reduces the demand for current infrastructure, both hardware and software. It also reduces the need to maintain onsite storage.
Flexibility – once you are in the Cloud, you will notice a high level of flexibility in how you manage your IT environment. Now maintaining each individual user or each separate desktop, your entire environment can be controlled simply and with great ease.
IT automated – the headache of maintaining and managing licensing for each application and each user companywide no longer exists as all is managed as one application and can be accessed by all authorized users.
Increased Storage Capacity – no longer will your IT department be limited to a maximum level of data storage. Your Cloud provider has the ability to store infinitely more than an individual business.
Mobility – users will now be able to access files and documents remotely. Employees can be anywhere at any time and have access to the items they need and will no longer be limited to their desks.
Shift IT Focus/Resources – Employees labour and time can now be allocated to growing your business and improving business systems. The time that had gone to managing infrastructure is no longer necessary.
Virtualization – Cloud Computing is inclusive of virtualization giving you additional room to grow.

These benefits are just the beginning and you can chose to enter the cloud one step at a time. If you are even considering this move in the future there are things you can do now to make the transition smooth and effortless. Do not trust just anyone with this important step. Synergy IT has worked with several businesses just like yours and introduced them to Cloud Computing. Many wish they had done this sooner. Give us a call today so we can help you get “Cloud-Ready”.
Synergy IT Solutions is a leading IT Support Toronto company offering specialized Cloud solutions for businesses based in Canada.

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