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What is Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing the latest trend and is being highly praised for it’s advantages in the IT industry but for a common person, it is still a mystery as not everybody understand what is cloud actually and how is it being used in various industry verticals. Apart from knowing about cloud, there are a lot of question like how can cloud computing help me, will there be any benefit if my company switch to cloud computing etc. In a cloud based computing environment, a user can access their company’s data through an end terminal by punching in an identification key or password. Due to the fact, that this data resides on a so called cloud, this data can be acccessed from any machine irrespective of the hardware configuration. Moreover due to the remote location of the data, the user does not have to worry about a corrupt hard disk or a faulty RAM. The user would not lose data even if the system gets corrupted or breaks down. Envision yourself signing in into Facebook when your computer breaks down. You can always use your friend’s computer to access Facebook.
To make it simple, Cloud Computing is actually the ability to access data, computer resources, software applications etc from a cloud of online resources. Cloud enables the dynamic availability of IT applications and infrastructure, regardless of location and therefore makes accessing the data and computer resources secure and reliable. Moreover it require minimal resources to access the data.
Cloud computing is certainly the better option to save valuable IT resources. Cloud Computing Benefits usually are for everybody as it helps to keep fees lower and save valuable time and resources.
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