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DNSChanger Virus- FBI shuts down servers

by Blog_Admin

DNS check up indicating if your computer was infected by the virus; Green backgrounds mean the computer is clean, red backgrounds means the computer is infected

A year ago the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) brought out details regarding a new DNSChanger virus that had infected millions of computers worldwide. The virus had the ability to access the internets DNS ( Domain Name server) and redirect infected computers to fraudulent websites, or websites selling fake merchandise. The FBI accompanied this information with news that they successfully arrested and brought down the criminal organization responsible for the virus. Since the FBI learned of the new virus they have set up their own servers to redirect traffic from infected users.
There has also been a great effort put into public awareness regarding the DNSChanger Virus,  in hopes that infected users will actively remove the virus from their system before the FBI shuts down their servers leaving infected people without internet access. Both Google and Facebook have assisted with the effort by alerting victims if their systems had the virus, and a DNSChanger check website was set up so people can check if their system may be infected.
Now that the FBI has brought down the servers, the shutdown hasn’t had a very significant impact. From the 200,000 systems using the servers 42,000 have been left without internet access in the United States and 7000 in Canada.
For those who are infected all hope isn’t lost as they can still remove the virus form their computers and be able to get back online. This can be done using popular virus removal tools such as Windows defender or if your on a Mac, Macscan. For further assistance infected users should contact their ISP ( Internet Service Provider).

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