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Will Microsofts Ecosystem make or break the surface?

by Blog_Admin

Microsoft unveiled their new tablet just under a month ago and now that the details are out, many people are excited for its launch. Technology publications are already claiming that the Surface will give Apple’s iPad a run for its money, and its the first truly competitive product to enter the tablet market. Publications have also targeted the Macbook air, by claiming Microsoft’s Surface will not only make the iPad obsolete, but due to its keyboard case, the Macbook Air will see a similar fate.  At the same time, others are wondering wether Microsoft ecosystem will allow the Surface to truly be successful. Both Apple and Google have very large and established ecosystems, their products are well integrated with each other, but also have a wide selection of apps- Upwards of 100,000. Apple in particular has a the biggest selection of apps, and it is because of this that the iPad has been so successful. Microsoft entered the phone market with Windows Phone 7 and this was also its first attempt at creating a powerful app marketplace. Older versions of its mobile OS also had a diverse selection of apps, but no where near what is required to compete today.
A few days before Microsoft unveiled their Surface Tablet, they also unveiled Windows Phone 8 and further strengthened their presence in the mobile marketplace. This announcement brought with it everything Microsoft has changed and improved in their mobile OS, but also brought a promise that microsoft is adapting to the changing consumer market and can become innovators and aren’t playing catch-up any longer. With regards to Windows 8 microsoft has taken a radical approach to design changes- something that was unheard of from the company in previous years, and this is showing consumers that they too can become a ‘trendy’ and ‘fun’ icon, much like Apple has. Microsoft is no longer the geeky guy in a suit as it was portrayed in the past, and this is surely going to be reflected upon products that are coming out in the near future and hopefully much longer.

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