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Google Glasses, is this the future?

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Earlier this year Google unveiled project glass, their take on augmented reality, and applying it to a pair of wearable glasses. Essentially these glasses are intended to incorporate everything Google is good at, from maps to their search engine and have this information shown right before a users eyes. The glasses are intended to display information that is relevant to a users location like directions, and nearby points of interest and can also function as a means of communication, either video chat, or text based chat. Since the projects first reveal, we have seen the technology progress and lately google has also shown us what the final product may look like. Furthermore, Google has also started accepting preorders at a whopping $1,400 (USD).

Promotional image of Google Glasses, hints at what the final product may look like

 This leaves us to question,  is this really the future of communication technology? Guessing from recent patent applications by Apple, and even companies like Olympus- who aren’t generally known for innovation, it definitely is. These patent applications are hinting at a new war on the horizon, just as the first iPad had caused following its success, but this time companies aren’t taking a chance and ensuring their not playing catch-up when googles glasses are officially available. Apple’s success with their tablet was largly inpart due to it being the first one of its kind. This allowed them to swoop up developers as the iPad had no competition . The same situation applied during the release of Apple’s app store, and now they have the strongest developer, and consumer base. If agumented glasses take off, companies don’t want to be left behind this time, and are fighting to release a product as soon as Google does.

Wether or not this concept will be successful is uncertain at this time and we will have to wait until this technology is readily available. Many people are put-off by the idea of constantly being in a ‘virtual-world’, and believe we are already spending too much time on our gadgets and smartphones. Wherever you look people are consuming media, and communicating with others on a handheld device. The idea of having all this right before your eyes may seem like overkill but depending on ow this technology is accepted it may just become the norm. A lot of people are also very excited for the product as it encompasses a futuristic appeal, that previously was only seen in  science-fiction movies and television shows.

Google is is set to release their glasses in 2014, at the earliest, and we can expect many other companies, such as apple, and olympus to also ready a product withen that timespan.

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