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Top 10 Endpoint Security Products to Protect Small Businesses

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Endpoint Security Products to Protect your Business

Corporate devices need endpoint protection solutions. This is to protect itself from malware and other malicious applications. The solutions are used to investigate incidents and alerts concerning security. The solutions are different from regular commercial anti-virus software. The solutions allow admins to control all devices and initiate action against impending threats.

There is a steep rise in online attacks against storage solutions and devices. Hence, every business of any size to formulate effective online security and a protection plan. This can help to thwart and stop attacks.

A crucial element of the plan should be implementing a strong endpoint security products. A solution that works across company devices. This should be accompanied by a tool that allows concerned teams to monitor and update the endpoints as per convenience.

Which endpoint security protection solution should a business buy? There are a plethora of brands available. There are also a wide variety of vendors offering different technologies to handle all kinds of threats.

Solutions need to be evaluated carefully. Some might be useful for large businesses while some are more favorable for smaller and mid-sized businesses.

Best Endpoint Security Products

1. Malwarebytes

This is a very trustworthy endpoint solution that a lot of businesses trust. It protects businesses proactively against all kinds of malicious attacks including some advanced threats. This includes ransomware regular antivirus tools might miss.

Solutions from Malwarebytes provide adequate speed and management for large and small businesses.

This is a complete malware protection solution. It offers accurate threat detection and blocks threats proactively. It also incorporates integrated end-to-end protection.

Many businesses need an integrated response and detection. They can install this solution to remediate and recover from all kinds of threats. These threats include ransomware.


It is a leading IT security software and services brand. It is popular across the world to handle and manage advanced threats.

ESET offers high-performing endpoint and mobile security solutions. These solutions can monitor and protect in absolute real-time.

This enables businesses to keep safe and operate without interruption. Their research centers ensure that their products provide multiple layers of security. These detect malware before and even after execution.

Solutions have included machine learning, analytics, and big data.

3. Webroot

Using a multi-pronged attack, online fraudsters can employ multiple types of threat technologies. These can get deployed across multiple stages and point entry.

Such threats disrupt businesses that don’t have endpoint solutions. To keep business devices and systems safe, the solution offers something unique.

The solution is the next generation blend of layered multi-vector protection. This helps to counter a possible threat. Especially across emails, websites, apps, and devices.

4. Symantec Endpoint Protection

It is designed to protect against malware attacks including targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats. It protects against zero-day threats. This is by using a layered approach to security at the endpoint.

This endpoint solution offers superior protection. It fuses essential and next-generation technologies in a multi-layered fashion. There is a high-performance single management console across both physical and virtual protection. It ensures an orchestrated response delivered at scale.

5. Sophos Intercept X

This is an advanced endpoint protection solution. It is capable of stopping a wide range of attacks. The solution has proven itself against all kinds of ransomware and malware.

It leverages a powerful combination of new generation techniques. The platform built-in ability to detect unseen malware. It stops ransomware with its anti-ransomware technology.

This endpoint solution includes a root cause assessment that offers insights into all types of threats. It offers malware removal services to prevent and left behind malware attack remnants.

6. Panda Security

This brand has been around for three decades and has provided advanced security solutions. The solution combines endpoint detection and response. This is combined with next-generation antivirus protection.

Other features include patch management and content filtering among others. The platform boasts of a unique zero-trust security service. This service confirms the validity and safety of all the running applications.

This is due to a combination of automated, AI-driven processes. Plus, a threat hunting service backed by a squad of malware analysts.

7. Kaspersky Endpoint Security

These solutions are delivered from the cloud or through an on-premise option. It is known to provide businesses with flexible security for mixed environments. The solution offers an automated threat defense. This is against all kinds of malicious attacks.

8. McAfee Endpoint Security

McAfee is an integrated and centrally managed endpoint protection platform. It is known for offering advanced threat protection. The platform uses an advanced detection ability for threat detection. It incorporates machine learning and credential theft monitoring.

Mvision is a premium endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform. This is a cloud-based solution only. This endpoint solution works well in tandem with its wider suite of security products. This includes a secure web gateway solution.

9. Avast

Avast is a global leader in providing online security solutions. This is useful to all sizes of businesses. The Advanced Endpoint Protection solution protects businesses against advanced malware and ransomware threats. It uses cloud-based threat detection technology to stop threats against the endpoint. This is done on a real-time basis.

Avast is said to have one of the world’s largest threat detection network. They protect over 400 million endpoints and around 9000 plus servers. They utilize this information to analyze all kinds of threat data.

10. SentinelOne

This platform has been described as an ‘Autonomous AI platform’ for defending against attacks to the endpoint.

This endpoint solution can detect, respond, and stop a threat across the endpoint through a single agent. It has been designed keeping ease of use in mind.

This endpoint solution utilizes artificial intelligence to eliminate threats on a real-time basis. IT security services teams hence save time and improve overall security efficacy.

The solution offers the administration teams with high visibility. This is across all networks through detailed reports. This platform was even recognized by Gartner as a leading endpoint protection vendor in 2019. The solution is deployed as an on-premise solution. A cloud environment option is available.

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