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Why is Digital Security Important?

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Digital Security

With the world going digital, most of our personal and human time is spent online. This has led to the increase of internet and digital networks and platforms reliance. While these digital networks present a convenient way of doing things, it brings with it risks of online criminals, hackers, and bullies that can be hard to deal with. Digital security deals with understanding these aspects and finding appropriate measures to protect ourselves and companies from the risks.

This article delves into the definition of digital security, the importance of digital security, and ways of ensuring digital security.

What is Digital Security?

Digital security goes hand in hand with cybersecurity. It is the efforts and resources used to protect and secure online identity, data, and other sensitive information and assets from common IT security threats. On the other hand, cybercrime is the illegal access of sensitive information like identity data and financial details which prompts the need to enhance cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is more advanced and thorough as it covers more areas of security including entire networks, computer systems, and digital components and databases. It is concerned with systems, structures, and networks while digital security focuses on information. This makes digital security a sub-branch of cybersecurity.

Why is Digital Data Security Important?

According to The Digital Guardian Cybersecurity infographic, 7 million data records are Compromised Daily while 56 records are compromised each second. This leads to 2.55 billion digital security disruptions every year. Technological advancements have led to the increase in the availability of sensitive and valuable data on digital platforms, networks, and systems.

This has attracted a large population of cybercriminals and cyber threats. This means that while leaving in a digital world has made processes easy and convenient, they can only be reliable if measures are put in place to safeguard us from digital security risks.

Data security is critical to companies, businesses, and home computer users as it helps protect sensitive data and information. Security, privacy, and user-friendliness of platforms and systems go hand in hand. You have to trade off one thing or another, for example, security or privacy for user-friendly platforms. This is why businesses need to choose which aspects best suiting to the organization. While demining the user-friendliness of platforms and networks, consider the security and privacy of the data involved.

In the wrong hands, sensitive information and data could result in a crisis. A data breach could cost an organization its reputation, loss or sabotage of sensitive files, loss of confidentiality in the market, and shaky financial support. Below are some reasons why data security is important.

Prevents Tempered Reputation

Data breach results in the negative reputation of a company or organization. This will not only affect the operations and success of the business but that of the customers and employees as well. Data security is necessary as it ensures such crises and possibilities are taken care of.

Increase in the Rate of Cyber Insecurities

Data security is also important because cyber threats and cybercrimes are on the rise thanks to the increase in the use of electronic devices and internet platforms and systems. With the growing use of smartphones, social media, and eCommerce platforms, we are constantly putting our personal sensitive information out there.

The evolution of the internet has created connectivity through social media and apps presenting a platform of exploitation to unknowing victims. Data security will help you prevent possible data breaches that may target you or your organization. Businesses need to take extreme measures to ensure they are not compromised.

Protection From Third Party Risks

Currently, websites, organizations, and official bodies are involved in data collection and data harvesting. This gives them access to your internet activities like browser traffic, history, and location making your sensitive data vulnerable to exploitation. The good thing is that can you can protect yourself from possible attacks by installing data security system and measures.

Safe Monetary Transactions

Digital security ensures safe monetary transactions through the internet. While we have gotten used to instant wiring of money, the process subjects us to dangerous risks in the vent that safety precautions are ignored.

Stabilizes Network Security

Stabilizing network security ensures the data and sensitive information of clients is secure from exploitation caused by cybercrimes. This is why businesses need to incorporate digital network security when using digital systems and networks. Network security should help reduce the risk of compromised databases that result in theft and sabotage or both.

Fixing Breaches is Costly

As much as recovering from cyber data attacks is possible, it will cost you a whole lot than you would have spent on prevention. And the prices can be ongoing for years. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Securing Information Using Data Securing Technologies

Data security technology helps in the protection and securing of digital data from malicious cybercriminals. The technology focuses on providing preventing measures that safeguard data from external as well as internal sources. These technologies include:

Disk Encryption

This is a common method of securing data that can be done in software and hardware. It involves putting encrypted data on a hard disk drive making it inaccessible by an unauthorized person. The tools used in the encryption vary depending on the features opted for.

Software and Hardware-Based Ways to Protect Data

While software-based solutions protect the information from unauthorized possession and theft, hardware-based solutions prevent any attempts to read and write access to the information. This technology offers reliable protection against unauthorized access that may lead to sabotage.

On the downside, software-based solutions are vulnerable to malicious programs as they can corrupt existing data files. This makes hardware-based solutions more preferred as they are more secure because they require physical access.


Regular data backup process prevents loss of important data and documents. External hard disks are the most common backup options although technology introduced cloud computing which is more affordable and convenient. The backup will only ensure the information will not be lost in case of an attack.

Data Masking

Also referred to as data obfuscation, data masking is the process of hiding original data with random characters, data, or codes. It is an effective way of protecting classified data from unauthorized access.

Data Erasure

This is a software-based method of data clearing and data wiping that involves overwriting information to ensure it is destroyed on all the media locations available while maintaining the condition of the disk.

Digital security is essential in finding the fine balance between security, privacy, and user-friendliness while protecting the systems and networks from top IT security threats and possible digital security risks. In a world that is run by digital devices, networks, it is important to take safety precautions against the endless opportunities the internet presents to cybercriminals at our expense. It security experts are constantly adapting to technological advancements to ensure the ultimate data security.

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