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TOP PC Makers

by Blog_Admin

We have compliled a list of top PC makers from around the world.

The current leader for PC maker is Lenovo. Lenovo sells an estimated 15.7% of world’s Computers. as per their earnings report today, Lenovo reported a record Q2 earnings of $8.7 billion making it number one in PC sales. The second spot goes to HP (Hewlett Packard) which had help the top position for last 6 years. As per the Research firm Gartner, Lenovo outsold HP in the latest quarter. HP has a market share of 15.5 and is shrinking due to sale of smartphones and tablets. HP tablet PC, the TouchPad had been a major disaster, leading the company to stop it’s production in August 2011.The third and fourth spot is held by Dell and Acer respectively. Dell is estimated to have 10.5 of the PC market share while Acer is around 9.9% of the Global Sales. Asus (ASUSTeK Computer Inc) Taiwan Based Computer hardware manufacturing giant comes in the fifth position raking up about 7.3% of the world’s PC sales. PC sales definitely has taken a hit following the arrival of Tablets and Super Smart phones devices which these days are pretty powerful and capable of mutil tasking. The new generation is the main force driving the sale of tablets and they uses a tablet or smartphone as their primary computing device.

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